Now that the Mumbai summer is bidding us farewell for a while, I want to share with you one of our secrets for surviving the energy-sapping time that summer in Mumbai is.

For Mumbaikars, summers are always a different story than other big cities. Where other cities try to deal with blazing heat, Mumbaikars have to live with unbearable humidity. The climate of Mumbai literally drains you out during summer. The sun drinks up all your energy while the humidity gives you an unwanted feeling of being exhausted. After local train rides and convincing the rickshaw drivers to take you home, when we reach home all we need is some quiet time… and a scoop of ice cream.

Mango, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry… the traditional flavours of our childhood. And then ice cream companies introduced us to new flavours like cookies and cream, red velvet, hundreds of chocolate varieties and more. Some of these flavours are absolutely fantastic. Mumbai trails no place in being creative with ice creams. And if you are always up for something new, and you are a Mumbaikar or in Mumbai, here are seven unique ice cream places which you must try this summer.

A Popsicle of beer
Life is tough, that is why God made beer!

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Some days, we feel so exhausted that humanity seems as hard to find as traffic-free roads in Andheri. After such days, all most of us want is to have a pint of bright gold chilled beer with Kishore Kumar singing in the background.

A joint in Lower Parel – The White Owl – has taken beer one level up. They have taken their freshly brewed beer and frozen it into divine iced Popsicles. With the first lick, you can feel the beer go to your brain and then warm your heart. These Beer Popsicles are like a unique combination of childhood and adulting.

And if you need health reasons to opt for this, according to a study by American Journal Epidemiology, beer reduces the risk of kidney stones by 40 percent.

Chai Ice cream

PC: The Bombay Canteen on Pinterest

If beer is not your poison and it is chai that you lust after, look no further than Bombay Canteen and their Masala Tea Popsicle. Served with biscuit crumble and caramel sauce, this is what cutting chai lovers of Mumbai need every May.

And if you don’t want popsicles and your ice creams to be, errr, creamy, Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra is your place.


They serve homemade Chai flavoured ice cream with cutting chai foam as the topping. With their homemade cinnamon cookies, you are set to experience summer in a new way.

Kolkata Meetha Paan Ice Cream


Kolkata, a sacred place where you can see what god looks like in the form of food. From their sweet Roshogullas to Lucchis and Kosha and Tangra Chinese, Bengali food is every foodie’s dream. And the cherry on the icing is Kolkata Meetha Paan. When the flavours of Gulkand, cardamom and betel leaf blend, the result is a mouth full of happiness. A Kurla based restaurant, Amaya Indian Grill & Kitchen, has recreated the Kolkata Meetha Paan magic in ice cream form. With fine coconut, shredded betel and a little sultan, this twist is sure to make your dinner a delightful experience.

Blue Cheese and Honey Cream


Blue Cheese and Honey Cream from The Caramel Carousel are the Loki and Thor of the ice cream world. The mysterious blue cheese surprises you with its burnt caramel-like flavour while the honey cream caresses your taste buds with sweetness. The Blue Cheese and Honey Cream is made with two diametrically opposite elements coming together to elicit a standing ovation from your taste buds.

Green Chilli Ice Cream


Girgaon Chowpatty is undoubtedly a foodie paradise even today. From mouth-watering pav bhaji to freezing Gola, everything seems exciting when you visit in the evening. Even in this tiny stretch of paradise, what stands out most vividly is the emperor of paradise, Bachelorr’s (with an extra r, yes), a small shop which is now a Mumbai landmark, with people coming from far and away to sample their regular and funky ice creams. And my favourite is the Chilli Icecream. One taste and the ice cream explodes like a nuke in your mouth with an unusual fiery yet cold sensation.

Guava Chilli Sorbet


I don’t know why but guavas always make me feel nostalgic. Their fresh yellowish green colour and that slightly sweet aroma take me back to those days when we used to eat guavas with a mixture of red chilli powder and salt on it. Those were the days when life was simple and picking red chilli powder and salt from the kitchen was a big adventure. The Sassy Spoon, a restaurant located at Nariman Point, has recreated that magical chemistry of guava and chilly. The pink guava ice cream with a pinch of black pepper, chaat masala and red chilli powder is like our childhood in just one scoop.

Sea Salt and Truffle Ice Cream

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A lovely beach where turquoise blue water shimmers like glitter in the sunshine. The cold and salty sea breeze gently runs through the hair and the aroma of the sea fills the lungs every time we breath. This is what Yuuka, a cute restaurant in Lower Parel, was thinking of when they came up with their Sea Salt and Truffle Ice Cream, a taste that will never fail to surprise you and always keep you coming back for more.

So these were the seven fantastic flavours Bee want you to try next summer. Or during the rains. Or whenever. Let us know in the comments what you thought of them. And yes, please do add to this list. One can never have enough ice cream.

Bee were too busy slurping these ice creams up to take pictures. All pictures credited to original sources.

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