Our process, your story

We’ve broken down our process for you because we’ve learnt from experience that how we do things is not for everyone. Call us, and you’ll talk with someone who gets effective website design and storytelling at a cellular level, not an agency intent on selling you a fancy new wall to throw mud at in the hope some of it will stick.

We kick things off with an in-depth discovery session to understand and outline your objectives. We dig deep and unearth who you truly are with a Socratic method of questioning that allows us to help you articulate your purpose as an organisation. We bring the questions; you supply the coffee and cookies.

Independent research
We learn your audiences independently, and your marketplace too for good measure.

Design and narrative strategy
We translate your organisational purpose into a coherent design and narrative strategy that your audiences can feel just as strongly about. Our writing has purpose, it has heft, and it is always an expression of your ‘why’.

From site structure to code, every choice is driven by one clear objective – make things easier for your audiences.

Typically, from Discovery to Go Live, we take about 10 – 12 weeks to build a website.

We charge by the project.

Fees for website projects start at INR 350,000 plus GST (approx USD 5000) and include your design and narrative strategy, website design and development, website copy and basic search engine optimisation. If you want us to host, maintain and update the content on your website periodically, we’re happy to do so for an annual fee. (Updates do not include blog content creation, ongoing SEO or future design edits to your website.)

You’re really good at what you do. And so are we. Let us build you a website that will make your customers happy.