Stories we've shaped

Our customers include local and international associations, and companies from the trade show, conference, training, life sciences, food & beverage, education, lifestyle, hospitality, technology, music, HVAC&R, martial arts, education, training, healing, not-for-profit and voluntary sectors. We nurture every project we take on with love and a whole lot of smarts. These are some of our favourite stories.


story: air conditioning is cool

HVAC&R is almost always at the bottom of the list of career choices for graduating engineers. While The Indian Society Of Heating, Refrigerating, & Air-Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) conducts some regional programs to encourage engineering students to join their industry, they wanted a wider footprint and more participation in their programs.

We worked with ISHRAE to define their objectives: develop a national platform to promote the industry to graduating engineers and encourage leading companies in the sector to take a more active role and support their advocacy initiatives. Over a 3-year period, we worked with ISHRAE to transform one of their programs – a local quiz organised by their Bombay chapter into a national platform that would be open to all engineering schools with ISHRAE student chapters.

We called the quiz ‘aQuest’ and developed a brand identity that appealed to young engineer sensibilities. We also developed a program structure with interactive social elements, a vibrant set design and introduced popular entertainers as quiz masters. The success of the first edition resulted in Hitachi signing up as Quiz Partner for future editions. With their mission to ‘Inspire the Next’, they are a perfect fit for aQuest. You can watch the Quiz videos here, here and here, and see the results for yourself.

Cordao de Ouro, India

story: teach India to move, play and get #happyfit

Cordao de Ouro (The Centre For Capoeira) India teaches the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira at schools and private centres across three cities in India. Capoeira is not just an exciting, immediately compelling art form; it is also an excellent way to stay fit. Awareness of capoeira in India is low, and it competes for attention with established martial art forms like Karate or Judo, and just about every physical sport.

We worked with CDO to define their immediate and long term objectives: promote capoeira as an exciting alternative to gyms, encourage people young and old and children to join their classes, and make more schools aware of this holistic form of fitness that has massive health and social benefits. Long term, CDO wants to train a corps of teachers to facilitate their mission (and ours) have capoeira included in school curriculums across the country.

We started by coining the term #happyfit to describe the capoeira fitness experience. We developed a long term inbound strategy for CDO that emphasises social, digital and live engagement. We revamped their marketing collateral and developed narratives and outreach programs targeted at each of their demographically, economically and motivationally diverse audience groups. We’re also working with them on a pan-India internship program to train future teachers so they can steadily increase the number of centres and schools at which they provide capoeira training.

If you’d like to see what capoeira is all about here’s a cool video.


story: a capoeira spectacle in Goa

Capoeira is a 500-year-old Brazilian martial art form that began as a secret fight discipline practised by African slaves. In the last 50 years or so capoeira has grown in immense popularity globally. It is a dream for many a capoeirista to participate in capoeira festivals in Brazil and learn from the masters and practice with peers. In Asia too, capoeira has been growing numbers tremendously with Russia, Israel and India at the forefront of this boom. In 2014, Cordao de Ouro Russia and India decided it was time to bring a capoeira festival to Asia so everyone who couldn’t make the trip to Brazil could learn from masters in their neighbourhood. And a capoeira festival is not just about non-stop capoeira training. It is about friendships, about parties and food, music and dancing – it’s about the completeness of the experience.

The objective: knock the socks off of 200 capoeiristas, so they come back for the next edition and bring all their friends. The international capoeiristas attending had participated in similar events across the world, and most of them were more than a little jaded. A number of them were travelling to India for the first time and had no clue what to expect. And then there were the Indian capoeiristas who as host country had big shoes to fill.

We designed and rolled out an experience that flowed as smoothly as a game of capoeira. The easy going rhythm of the weeklong event underscored the planning and attention to detail that delivered “best-organised capoeira event in the world ever”. And this led to a bigger challenge for 2016 – make CapoeirAsia twice as awesome.

We could wax eloquent about what we pulled off, but we’d rather just her just show you. If you want to keep track of what CapoeirAsia will deliver in 2019, follow for updates here.

Expo Turkey

story: deliver a memorable experience to representatives of Turkish industry

The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC) and Reed Exhibitions India asked us to help them deliver their first introduction to Turkish industry to India. Our brief was straightforward – the overall quality of the event must be on par with or better than shows held in global venues with excellent infrastructure.

Our brand specialists* and production crew** worked together to design and deliver an experience that flowed seamlessly on across multiple channels to culminate in a live event that drew praise from the organisers, exhibitors, attendees and competitors alike. Expo Turkey will always be super special for Bee – from intent to live event – we made everything happen in just under two and a half months.

*Brand identity, creative assets, organic and paid campaigns across the web, social, print, OOH and radio.
**End-to-end event production and staging and logistics.


story: a small school with a big mission

Tridha, a Rudolf Steiner school in Mumbai, were looking to increase their annual intake of students. Unlike ‘traditional’ schools Steiner philosophy emphasises the role of imagination in learning and strives to holistically integrate the intellectual, practical, and artistic development of students.

We worked with Tridha on two stories – the enrollment brochure and the annual school Mela. We structured the brochure to showcase the progression of a student from when they step into the home like environment of pre-school classes through to when they graduate from Grade 12, as well as introduce the curriculum and the heart-head-hands teaching methodologies of the school.

For the school Mela, we developed the brand identity, concept art and creative assets, and launched an annual newsletter with stories from faculty, parents and students about the many traditions of the Tridha Mela, what the Mela meant to them and why it stood out and apart. We carried this over to social media to bring in a larger audience for the Mela and the Steiner philosophy.