Thanks to Airtel, we’ve been ordering a lot of takeaways these last three weeks. Most days we’ve been using Swiggy, an excellent delivery service even if they do add the occasional markup on restaurant prices. We’re not complaining through. Deliveries are prompt, delivery staff super polite, and customer service always helpful.

They got our order wrong twice last week. Just one item in the order missing each time. Too minor to complain. When it happened a third time, and because it was the same restaurant, it felt like a pattern. So we called customer service. And were blown away. Blown away by Mamtha who heard us out patiently; who immediately asked if we wanted our meal replaced (for one small missing item! we said no); who said she’d follow up with the restaurant to ensure they weren’t careless again; who flagged the restaurant so delivery staff would take extra precautions when they picked up an order.

And then she did something even more unexpected. She refunded our entire order. For one small missing item. Without being asked. She did not ask to check with her supervisor. She did not offer meaningless apologies. She did not make excuses. She took action. Immediately.

Over the course of a short chat, she showed us how brilliantly Swiggy does customer service. How they keep the promises, they make. And then some.

Good on you, Swiggy.

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